Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Simple Creativity

  Simple creativity is about making art and crafts simple and fun.  Making art for children is so vital for their development and expression.  Artistic activities enrich the lives of children and are so important, I think, in a world where we spend so much time in front of electronic screens.  How simple and healthy it is for my children to sit with just some paper and crayons.

There are so many inspiring books and blogs on this topic.  My favourite blog on art and creativity is http://artfulparent.typepad.com/ on which there are just so many fun ideas to try with little ones.  I'm also greatly helped by books such as 'The creative family' by Amanda Soule.  What I have learned from reading about art and creativity for children is that the most important thing on which to focus is the process of the art, not the end result.  It just doesn't matter what the final piece looks like, if the cutting is all wonky, there are purple trees and blue people.  I understand this now, what matters most is that the child feels like they can express themselves through the material how ever they like.

Simple creativity in our house means;
- cutting pictures from magazines to make pictures on coloured paper, often some glitter and sticker are thrown in there too
- chalk drawings on the garden path
- making our own play dough and experimenting with colours
- we have a making cupboard where the girls can go for boxes, bottles, egg boxes (lots of things for the recycling box) these articles are made in to all kinds of homes for toy animals, nests and little houses.
- simple painting, especially when it's cranky hour and I'm trying to get dinner on the table.
- for my own creativity I have experimented with knitting, sewing, tapestry, very simple, soothing crafts, which don't always turn out to be perfect but I have enjoyed doing anyway.

Making play dough with Erin

If I want my girls to learn anything about creativity it is that everyone is creative in some way.  It's just about finding out what you like to do and getting on with it, regardless of the 'quality' of the finished product.   In his book, 'The Creative License', Danny Gregory writes that, "every day is loaded with creative potential".  Indeed it is.

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