Friday, 30 September 2011

September's Gifts

  Looking back on the month of September searching for those golden nuggets of life at its best, beautiful moments, gifts of grace for which I can feel thankful....

- I took some of my ideas from paper and put them out there in the virtual world for people to read, it has been a gift to me that so far these ideas and thoughts of mine have been received very well.  Thank you.

- A new baby niece with the most perfect name, 'Grace'.

- A sixth birthday party for my biggest girl, lots of friends, presents, dressing up and a real unicorn.

- The most stunning apple tree in my garden and lots of apple pie, baked apples, apple crumble, apple cake..... A very real reminder of nature's abundance for me to admire from the kitchen window.

- Rows of yellow violas on either side of my garden path, such a pretty, welcoming sight.

- Eating a few vegetables from the garden for dinner, I'm still very new to growing veggies, but I'm finding it very cool indeed to be able to go out to the garden, as opposed to the supermarket, to just pick up something for dinner.  

- Taking a step back and witnessing my husband and Erin baking together, it was a messy adventure, but very fun to watch.

- September provided me with some very real gifts in the form of lots and lots of seeds, poppies, nigella, hollyhocks and sweet peas to name a few.  

- a picture drawn by Erin, my youngest, of me and her surrounded by lots of xxxxxx, the very first such picture from her, thus a very precious gift.

And you? what were September's gifts to you?

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