Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A beautiful distraction

Sunday at the arboretum.  The colours were stunning.  The weather was mild.  The sun shone a little.  My girls ran and laughed even though they had protested about going.  My husband took the photos.  I moped around, feeling very weak and very pitiful as I have done all week.  My 'morning, noon and night' (and even during the night!) sickness is wiping me out.  I am so happy to be pregnant but this is pretty rough.  What I have realised is that distraction is a wonderful thing, much in the way I would try to distract one of my daughters when they're about to have a tantrum in a public place, I've been trying to kid myself in to forgetting how nauseous I feel.  I'm watching way more TV than I would normally, but it works and this right now, writing for my blog, is a wonderful and welcome distraction.  As was the walk on sunday, it was hard not to be distracted by such majestic beauty at the arboretum.  While my girls ran about and chatted non-stop and my husband held my hand (I love it when he holds my hand) as we mounted a lot of steps up the hillside.  I tried to quietly take in the beauty around me, I took deep breaths, swallowed my nauseous feelings and felt very grateful to be surrounded by such heart-achingly beautiful trees displaying their autumnal glory in red, yellow and amber.  It was a beautiful distraction and it worked, just for a little while.  


  1. Those are beautiful pictures! What amazing colours!

    Autumn is a privilege to live through.

    Keep on enjoying,


  2. Thanks Juliet, I can't take credit for them, i am usually the one behind the camera but not this time! Thanks also for following the blog, I checked yours out too and liked it very much, Michala x