Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sunday walks

Sunday morning, the sun rose and shone after a very foggy start to the day.  It was cold and crisp and bright, perfect weather for a walk on the North Downs.  Every time we go for one of these walks my husband and I feel so lucky to live in such a place of great natural beauty.  It's just breathtaking looking out across the Surrey countryside on a morning such as it was on sunday.

Of course, when we announce to the girls that we are "going for a walk" they are reluctant to leave whatever game in which they are involved and there are cries of, "I'm not going for a walk, it's boring!"  Every time my daughter, Caitlin, declares this and every time we go she loves it.  The girls run ahead of us and start up some imaginary game, this sunday they were having a battle in the forest and they were horses with knights on their backs.  (Caitlin is hugely inspired at the moment by tales of Agincourt and Henry IV, the 'Horrible Histories' series has ignited something in her).  So off they run and we try to keep up and take in the scenery.  I practice trying to be in the moment and not let my mind run away with thoughts of work, household chores, 'what are we having for dinner?', etc, etc.

We stopped in a beautiful glade where Matthew took some nice shots and I dished out the hot chocolate and shortbread.  I wanted to stay all day.  It was so peaceful, so quiet and was just where I wanted to be, surrounded by my family with nothing to do but enjoy each other's company and take in our beautiful surroundings.  We said hello to fellow walkers and bikers.  Smiles all round among people enjoying the countryside, far away from bustling shops, crowds and traffic.  A sunday walk was what I needed to feel replenished, to feel grounded.  I firmly believe in good nourishment for the body through healthy food, but its also important to find something which nourishes the soul or the spirit.  Nourishment for the soul was what I found on this sunday walk, I'm looking forward to my next one.

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