Friday, 14 October 2011

Her hand in mine

The truth of it is that one day her hand won't be this small and won't nestle as snuggly in my hand.  One day she will be as big as I am and won't want to hold my hand.  The beauty of it is that for now her hand is this small and does nestle snuggly in my hand.  For now she is this little three year old beauty and she does want to hold my hand and be carried by me and tucked up in bed by me and comforted by me when she's sad.  These are the things I think when we walk along, such a simple act of holding hands yet it means so much to me.  It means that for now she is mine, she is here and she is with me.   This little body that grew in mine and walks the earth with me.  All I have to do is savour it.  The very truth and beauty of it.

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  1. I Love this. I always say to Scarlett 'I love nothing better than holding your little hand in my big hand.' So much so that she now checks back with me when we hold hands now. Perfect. Thank you