Thursday, 13 October 2011

7 Small steps towards the life I want

In this month's 'Red' magazine there is an article which discusses making small changes in ones life so that we can create the life we really want.  Breaking down each large issue in to smaller 'bitesize' and therefore, achievable, chunks.  This got me thinking, there are lots of ways in which I would like to improve my life, what small ways can I come up with that will help me achieve the life I would like?   I've heard this called 'Intentional Living' and I think it could be really transformative in small, subtle ways.

So, this is what I came up with.  Seven areas I would like to improve and some small ways in which I can achieve them;

1.  Healthier Eating - fruit salad for breakfast a few times a week and salad for lunch every day (oh, and eat fewer biscuits too!)
2.  Less TV, more quality relaxation - a maximum of 1 hour TV per night and read more of all those great books I have piled up.
3.  Exercise - aagh!  always a problem for me.  I could try one less car journey a week and walk or bike instead (but I'm not hopeful)
4. A tidier, cleaner house - five minutes every day with a duster and de-clutter, getting rid of the stuff we don't need to make space for the stuff we really do need.
5.  Reducing our food budget - make better use of leftovers and make meals with plenty left to freeze for another meal.
6.  More learning time with my girls - 5/10 mins every night after dinner, just a few spellings, sums or handwriting practice, especially for my 6 year old.
7.  A greener life - such a huge issue which I'd like to write more of later, for now though, DO NOT FORGET THE SHOPPING BAGS IN THE BOOT OF THE CAR MICHALA!!  And get more kitchen scraps in the compost bin too.

What small steps could you add to your daily life to create the life you really want?

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