Friday, 23 December 2011

When it's Christmas....

This week we have started our Christmas celebrations with a ride on a 'sleigh' (as pictured above), with friends and neighbours over for drinks, a ride on a steam rain to see Santa, there have been Christmas movies, books and songs, oh and we've cracked open the extremely large tin of chocolates because it's just not Christmas without such indulgences.  There is still lots of present wrapping to be done and a ham and a chocolate log to prepare but the best of all is yet to come when we spend the Christmas weekend with family we haven't seen in a little while.

I have tried not to plan or expect too much from Christmas, just enjoying some quiet time at home with my girls and husband is enough (with the very large tin of chocolates).  I do so want Christmas to be special for my children though, these are the Christmases they will hopefully look back on fondly, I want them to remember a peaceful and happy time, not a Christmas with a frazzled out mother who has given herself too much to do. We do toil so that we can see the smiles on others' faces, especially those of our children, we do put pressure on ourselves to make it as perfect as possible.  For now though, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about Christmas, the planning is done, the presents are bought.  Perhaps it's my pregnancy that has slowed me down, I certainly do not have the energy to whizz around as I normally would and it's such a gift.  Today I sat and read Christmas stories with my littlest one instead of rushing around baking or crafting, today we went to a coffee shop and chatted instead of frantically running around the shops, last night we read a children's version of 'A Christmas Carol' by candlelight when I should have been getting those presents wrapped.  I'm taking it easy this Christmas as a gift to myself, I hope you do too.  Merry Christmas to you and to those you love.

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