Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas celebrations

Today we are welcoming friends in to our home for a little Christmassy 'end of term' celebration.  There will be mince pies, chocolate reindeer and copious amounts of tea and chat.  There will also be numerous children storming around the house in varying degrees of excitement.  Later in the week we will welcome our neighbours in to our home for some food and mulled wine, again there will be lots of chat and lots of children.  On Christmas Eve my big sister will welcome my family and our parents in to her home for the Christmas weekend where again there will be lots of food, wine, laughter and togetherness. This is it isn't it?  This is Christmas.

Yes I have been worried about making our budget stretch to cover the presents I wanted to buy and the activities I have planned, yes I lay in bed many mornings thinking about the toys I would be buying my girls, yes I still have lots to do.  These gatherings with friends and family are just so special though and are to be savoured.  What if I had no-one to spend Christmas with, as many people do?  I am so grateful that I have all of these people with whom I want to sit and drink and chat and wish a Merry Christmas.  Today my husband finishes work for the Christmas period, I finished last week and my girls finish school and nursery.  Now, we can all start to slow down, especially in the mornings, now we can plan that gingerbread house my daughters so want to make, now  I can have five minutes with my husband and say 'Hi, how have you been?' (He works such long hours).  Now we can enjoy these gatherings with friends and family and revel in the Christmas celebrations.  I hope you are looking forward to them as much as I am.

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