Friday, 7 March 2014

Mindfulness is delicious

If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life, a partner, children, or a pet perhaps, to be mindful of time spent with them is indeed 'delicious'.  I am lucky enough to have a partner and three young children and I cherish them all so much.  Practicing mindfulness for me means to imagine that I didn't have these people in my life, what would my life be like?  Perhaps it might be a 'good' life in a different way but I am very glad that I have this life, that I met this partner and had these three children.  When I hug my partner, when I cuddle and kiss my children and I stop to just savour the moment it is ... delicious.   

When I stop for a moment, rushing from one task to another, and I close my eyes and just breathe for a few seconds it is like a quick soothing tonic.  A delicious tonic.  Having paused for a few seconds I now know what I need to do next, to start making dinner, to do some homework with one of my daughters or to take care of myself for a few moments and simply make a cup of tea.  

Mindfulness is delicious and calming and peaceful and life changing. There is no drink or sweet to compare to the deliciousness of drinking in the present moment, especially if I'm holding one of my loved ones in my arms. 

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